Like every Everton fan, I am desperate to get inside Goodison Park and show the club that we are right behind them this weekend.

Since Friday’s announcement, my phone hasn’t stopped with people looking for tickets to this Sunday’s game against Manchester United. Everyone is desperate to create a bear pit atmosphere.

But it can’t stop at Manchester United. What we witness on Sunday, in terms of atmosphere, has to become the norm.

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However, we cannot underestimate Erik ten Hag’s side. Despite the doom and gloom around Old Trafford, United are still a top side with some very good players.

As a fan, I am going there wanting to see a tackle in the first minute that sets the tone and gets the crowd going, but it is important the players keep a cool head.

We can’t let this off-field incident affect our performances. We have got to be clever and cute. It is all about the right type of aggression.

Those inside Goodison on Sunday will show all those watching on Sky Sports and around the world just what they think about the disgraceful decision that has been made.

And just on the fans, it is only right that I applaud the efforts of The 1878s, who have raised over £30,000 from donations to produce anti-Premier League banners.

Ultimately, the fans have been proven right. Supporters have been questioning the running of the club for a long time, and they have been shown to be right to have such concerns.

But for me, this is Everton; there is no fan base like it. When things go against us, we are the best in the world at responding and sticking up for ourselves.

Clubs will be running scared

As the fallout continues from Friday’s decision, the timing of the announcement doesn't sit well with me.

You have to ask why they couldn’t do this before the season started. Sean Dyche and his players have every right to be miffed.

Granted, it can still be said that we have the chance to make the points up with so much of the season still to go, but that is not the point. Just because we have been in form means nothing. Form changes, and we have some tough games coming up, starting this weekend against Manchester United.

We also have the Christmas period to come, and as a former player, I know how hard it is to play games back-to-back in a short space of time. There is no guarantee that we are just going to pick up where we left off against Crystal Palace before the international break and continue to win matches.

I also think the national media need to stick to this like they did when six clubs from the Premier League tried to form a European Super League.

It can’t just be the local media like ourselves who are pushing for answers. The national media also needs to push for clarity. Make no mistake about it, there will be a lot of clubs running scared about what could be coming their way in the not-so-distant future.