Liverpool reportedly voted in favour of temporarily blocking related-party loans.

Shareholders from Premier League clubs met on Tuesday to vote on the motion, with a temporary ban, which, for example, would have prevented Newcastle United signing players on loan from any PIF-owned clubs, put forward as a solution to protect the integrity of the competition whilst a permanent solution was settled upon.

The Premier League was understood to be in favour of implementing the ban. However, it did not receive the required support to implement the temporary ban.

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Twelve clubs voted in favour of blocking loan moves between teams under the same ownership, but such a figure was two short of the two-thirds majority needed for the motion to be passed. Consequently, the current rules will remain in place for the January transfer window, which still permit such dealings.

At present, there are no restrictions on players securing loans from foreign teams under the same umbrella of ownership as the Premier League club they move to, so long as the deal is kept to fair market value.

The Times’ Martyn Ziegler reported on Tuesday evening that Liverpool were one of the 12 sides to vote in favour of the motion being passed. He would also claim that Newcastle United, Sheffield United, Man City, Chelsea, Everton, Wolves, Nottingham Forest, and Burnley were the clubs to vote against the ban. He'd also clarify that seven clubs had voted against tougher rules on associated party transactions.

In Liverpool's case Fenway Sports Group do not own any other elite football clubs - only currently having financial interest in other sports such as baseball, golf and ice hockey amongst others - so would not directly be affected by such a ban.