A city centre Chinese restaurant that's been loved by customers for years had to move sites because of its popularity.

Located at 12-14 Berry Street, Big Bowl Noodle Bar has welcomed generations through its doors since it first opened in the noughties. Known for its specials like the Big Bowl Rice, Big Bowl Noodles, as well as salt pepper dishes, traditional Chinese meals and more, the restaurant was originally found further down the same street but moved to keep up with demand.

If you walk past the venue, you will often see it packed out with customers, with some having to queue to wait for a table. Manager John Chan, 45, has worked at the business for around 15 years and said the success of the restaurant has come from word of mouth and the loyalty of its long-standing customers.

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John told the ECHO: "When I started working here, it was already well established so it was quite busy. When the owners previously had the smaller one, it was quite tough in the beginning.

"It was a quiet restaurant, there was only about 12, 13 tables. Gradually the word got round and then it developed really quickly and it got really busy really quickly, that’s why they had to move to a larger establishment.

Big Bowl Noodle Bar on Berry Street, Liverpool pictured Jon Chan
Big Bowl Noodle Bar on Berry Street

‘"The locals round here, with their support, the restaurant has just got bigger and bigger. It would be nothing without the locals really.

"It’s word of mouth, we've never really done any kind of advertising. It's generation after generation coming in - the fathers and mothers come in first and bring their kids and now their kids are all grown up and coming in. A lot of people spread the word for this place."

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Today, there's a dozen strong long-serving members of staff and John said a number of staples on the menu have remained popular for years. He said: "House specials in here really are the Big Bowl Rice - that’s got duck, chicken, crispy chicken, char sui, egg, Chinese veg, rice and then it's drizzled over with a sweet soy sauce

"Then we have the Big Bowl ramen which we call the Big Bowl Noodle Soup and that's got wontons, pork dumplings, char sui, the crispy chicken, egg, veg, noodles. They are quite large portions., we're well renowned in this area for what we’ve got.

"Salt and pepper dishes, people go crazy in here for too, or the crispy chill chicken or crispy chilli beef. They tend to sell quite well."

Big Bowl Noodle Bar on Berry Street, Liverpool pictured John Chan and staff
John Chan and staff at Big Bowl Noodle Bar on Berry Street

Continuing to welcome generations of customers through its doors, John said the vibrant restaurant is "just one of those places where you can go in and enjoy yourself." He said: "There’s a good vibe in here all the time.

"It’s not one of those posh restaurants or small restaurants, it’s more family-orientated. We get a lot of Chinese and local English people coming in all the time. Everybody just feels relaxed in here

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"During the tea times we tend to get a few queues in here. We always take bookings as well but it does get really full quick in here.

"A lot of people do tend to book in advance too." After over a decade in the business, John said what he loves the most is the customers he has met who continue to support the restaurant "through thick and thin."

Big Bowl Noodle Bar on Berry Street, Liverpool
Inside the Big Bowl Noodle Bar

John said: "I love meeting the regulars that come in all the time. They give us that support, I value what they give us all the time.

"They have supported us through thick and thin. Even through covid, we were just doing takeaways, I just really thank the support of the customers - without their valued support I don't think this place would be going as long as it has."

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