A dad who stopped his car in the middle of the road near Tesco had his life saved by a stranger.

John McKeown was driving home along Princess Drive in Dovecot when he had a heart attack behind the wheel on Saturday, November 11. The 37-year-old, from Fazakerley, managed to take his foot off the pedal but has no memory of what happened that day.

He was helped by a man, who was passing by at the time, and stopped to flag down a car to ring 999. Demi, who is a student nurse, stopped at the scene and gave John CPR in his car. She assisted paramedics when they arrived before John was taken to hospital, where he was put into an induced coma and hooked up to a life support machine.

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John and his family, including his partner Victoria Flattery, want to thank Demi for saving John's life on what was also the ninth anniversary of his baby's death. Victoria, 36, told the ECHO: "He'd been out to see some friends, he was on his way back.

"He was taking a bit of time - I was expecting him a bit earlier. I rang him and he didn't answer. I rang a couple of minutes later and Demi answered the phone.

"She was just driving past in her car. [A man] managed to flag her down. She assumed he'd broken down. He said 'quick, quick, phone an ambulance - I haven't got my phone on me. I think he's dead.'

"She said [John] was stopped in the middle of the road. She assumed he must have felt the pain and taken his foot off the pedal and passed out."

Another nurse, who also stopped at the scene, helped to recline John's chair and take his seatbelt off while Demi continued CPR. Victoria said Demi reassured her over the phone and told her what the paramedics were doing as they took over.

John was taken to Broadgreen Hospital where he spent the following two days receiving life support. The dad-of-three had recently been diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy - a genetic condition which makes it harder for your heart to pump blood out of your heart and around your body.

He was undergoing further tests when he suffered a cardiac arrest and has now been fitted with a cardioverter defibrillator. Victoria said: "I think certain parts of his memory are missing but more so the last couple of days before the accident."

Victoria managed to track down Demi after sharing a post on Facebook to thank her for what she did that day. She said: "This fella messaged me and said he was there throughout.

"He said a lot of good people that day helped out but without Demi he wouldn't be here. Of all the cars that could have stopped it was her. She had a medical background. She was there at the right time.

"We lost a baby nine years ago - it was his anniversary when it happened. I felt like he was watching down on him.

"I feel really overwhelmed and emotional. I'm very thankful and grateful. My kids wouldn't have their dad today."

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