Oodie has launched a huge 60% off flash sale for one day only on its popular dressing gowns - but you'll need to be quick.

Australian brand Oodie is known for its thick and comfy hooded blankets. Currently, you can get two Oodies for £89 in its latest BOGOF offer. This Black Friday 2023, the popular brand is also giving shoppers £30 dressing gowns and pyjamas are also down to £15.

The Oodie dressing gown promises 'spa-style luxury' with an array of different bright and fun designs. From 'happy flowers' to 'space' designs and even a coffee themed dressing gown, there's plenty to choose from.

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Originally priced at a whopping £75, Oodie fans can get the dressing gowns for £30. Made from a Toastytek flannel fleece, the dressing gown is guaranteed to keep you 'cuddly' and 'toasty'.

Shoppers have been rating the Oodie dressing gowns five stars, claiming the product is 'perfect for winter evenings'. The dressing gowns feature an oversized hood and pockets.

In the reviews, one shopper said: "Probably the comfiest dressing gown I’ve ever owned! Very soft and plenty of material to snuggle into. Might have to buy a couple more in different designs."

A second review read: "So soft and comfortable. I was going to size up but glad I didn’t as there is plenty room in there. I’m obsessed, and so is my cat. Highly recommend."

A third shopper said: "Honestly never loved a dressing gown so much!!! Cuffed sleeves are a game changer, means I can wear it when washing up, doing skincare. Super cosy and warm."

A fourth review read: "It's so snug and warm, I got a size up so it acts like a blanket too, very warm and cosy."

You've got 24 hours to get your Oodie dressing gown for £30.

Shop the full Oodie Black Friday sale here.

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