Former Manchester City and England winger Shaun Wright-Phillip disagrees with the 10-point deduction Everton have received as it a punishment that targets the wrong people.

Last Friday the Blues were hit with the difficult news of a points deduction for one breach of the profitability and sustainability rules - the likes of which has never been seen before in the Premier League era.

It is a battle that Everton are willing to fight, announcing their intention to appeal immediately due to the nature of the sporting sanction coming in response to what the club considers an accountancy issue. This appeal is expected to be formally submitted before the week's end.

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And backing Everton's corner is Wright-Phillips, who explained to how the points deduction is unfairly punishing the fans and players for a situation they had no control over.

"The punishment Everton have been given is wrong,” the 42-year-old said. "What has happened off the pitch is not the players’ fault, it’s not the fans’ fault, but they are being punished for doing nothing wrong.

"I think there has to be a better way to handle it because now there is a chance that they will get relegated and the players don’t deserve that. The fans go every week and spend their money to watch Premier League football, as they have done for so many years, but they too could be punished for what has happened behind the scenes."

The ex-footballer has been dragged into the debate as a former Manchester City player during the early years of the period they are currently under investigation for 115 charges of financial wrongdoing.

And ultimately he does not see the punishment as one that will impact the Blues' chances of Premier League survival.

"I don’t think the situation should impact the dressing room. It shouldn’t really affect the Everton players and I don’t think Sean Dyche will let that happen," he continued.

"Even though they’ve been deducted 10 points, they still know how to win and they will. I don’t think Everton will get relegated this season."