Everton fan collective movement All Together Now have vowed to keep up protests until “a proportionate sanction is agreed upon” after claiming that the club is “being unfairly made an example of.”

The group which is made of various Blues supporters associations from both the UK and abroad, has issued its declaration in the wake of Everton being handed an immediate 10-point deduction last Friday – the heaviest such penalty in the 135-year history of English top flight football – after they were found to have breached the Premier League’s financial rules. Fan group The 1878s are encouraging fellow Everton supporters to express their discontent towards the Premier League with flags, banners and specially produced cards during Sunday’s home game against Manchester United after raising £40,000 from donations and now All Together Now have had their say.

The statement reads: “Last week, news broke of Everton’s 10-point deduction. The severity of the punishment has shocked not only Everton fans, but a large portion of the wider football fanbase.

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“Let’s be frank, the punishment is completely disproportionate to the crime. The overspending of £19.8million breaks the rules and everyone understands that, however, the largest points deduction in Premier League history is hardly a fitting punishment.

“The fact is, there is no direct sporting benefit to this spending. The over-spend is relation to the construction of a wonderful new stadium on the banks of the Royal Blue Mersey. A stadium self-funded by Everton, that will have a £1.3billion boost to the economy, creating more than 15,000 jobs and attracting 1.4million new visitors to the city.

"The stadium will also bring £650million of accelerated regeneration to the area, bringing forward initiatives like Liverpool Waters and Ten Streets. The fact Everton are being so harshly punished for positively impacting the infrastructure and community of our great city is beyond belief.

“Not only this, but Everton worked with the Premier League to try and stay compliant with PSR (profitability and sustainability rules). Everton are being punished for their upfront reporting of their finances which discourages all other clubs from being as upfront in the future.

“Again, we want to make it clear we understand the need for punishment where rules are broken. However, this points deduction is grossly unjust.

“The fact is the main people suffering from this punishment are the fans, who support one of the founding fathers of football in this country. The people who broke the rules are not hurting from this punishment!

“We feel that this is being done solely so the Premier League can distance themselves from the need for an independent regulator to regulate football in England. Everton are being unfairly made an example of and we will not stand for it.

“Everton plan to fight for, and with, our club. Protests will continue until a proportionate sanction is agreed upon.

“Ian Byrne MP has spoken in parliament, and we fully agree with his observations, which provide further evidence that the ‘Premier League can no longer govern top flight football’ and his call is for an immediate appointment of an independent football regulator. Everton’s atmosphere group ‘The 1878s’ will have further information released before the Manchester United game regarding specific plans.”